Wednesday, September 23, 2020

This week in service September 23, 2020

 Sunflower Harbor Homeless outreach 

Spent a lot of time this week on estimates and blue prints for the bunk house.  Fundraising goal for the bunkhouse is $5,000. As of today,  we've raised $5. Not bad for officially starting the campaign tonight! is still running fundraisers for blessings packs for us. T-shirts, bookmark, totes, bags and more are on sale there and all procedes from the Sunflower Harbor tab go to buying supplies for blessings packs! 

This week in Abilene, we have placed 2 people in housing and given out 17 blessings packs. We could do so much more, but we run out of supplies quickly and have no funds. 

We applied for tax ID # so we will be able to get a soliciting permit. 

We set up PayPal to make it easier to donate! 

We've had a lot of volunteers this week! In addition to our Abilene Ladies, several of their husbands and children have joined in helping with blessings packs. Robert Kirkpatrick,  II came out and helped for over a week. Larry, Carol, and Dalton were a huge help over the weekend! 

We still have tickets for Halloween! All overnight rooms are taken, but we look forward to seeing y'all at the party Halloween night! Tickets are $10 and can be paid for through our PayPal (please leave a note thats what the money is for) or can be bought under the Sunflower Harbor tab at 

Cash App: $Sunflowerharbor


2020 Highlights
As of August 30, 2020
38 Direct Placements
8 New Jobs Obtained!
1 Veteran Graduated!
6 Graduates From Homelessness To Stable Housing!
7 Temporary Residents
4 IDs Obtained For Individuals
2 Veterans Helped With Applying For Benefits
282 Blessings Packs Of Supplies Given Out

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