Thursday, September 10, 2020

This week in service September 10, 2020

This week, we concentraited on placements. These involve a lot of driving around and paperwork. It is cooler out here in west Texas. 51 degrees for the last couple days and rainy. We've given out the last of our blanket stash and all of the comfort items we had on hand. 

We had a small incident with a homeless vet we were helping. He had a ptsd flashback and slightly injured one of the volunteers. Everyone's ok, though and the vet is in VA housing now. We've helped him get emergency foodstamps and are checking on him frequently to make sure the placement sticks.  

The other placement we did this week went a bit smoother. We are learning with each one and getting faster gathering all the items in the paperwork treasure hunts. 

None of what we do could be done without all our amazing volunteers! We grow as our network of amazing volunteers and patrons grows and we are so thankful for each and every one of you!

Most of our in house projects have been put on hold due to covid and funding issues, but our outreach is helping so many! I am using this downtime to rework the in-house program to better fit everyone's needs. 

Current fundraisers are earmarked for blessing pack supplies, filing for nonprofit status, upgrading dorms,  and our first tiny home. 

Don't forget extended a fundraiser for us until the end of October! Advocate shirts, bags, and stickers now available!

Cash App: $Sunflowerharbor


2020 Highlights
As of August 30, 2020
38 Direct Placements
8 New Jobs Obtained!
1 Veteran Graduated!
6 Graduates From Homelessness To Stable Housing!
7 Temporary Residents
4 IDs Obtained For Individuals
2 Veterans Helped With Applying For Benefits
282 Blessings Packs Of Supplies Given Out

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