Monday, February 15, 2021

Sunflower Harbor homeless outreach mid February winter storm

Roads are icy so we're all staying in. Spent much of the 12th doing a cat rodeo. Rounded up all the barn cats and ferals to bring them inside. Temps went negative this weekend. Pipes in the back side of house froze even though they were dripping. We'll check them out closer after we thaw. 

Doing a few crafts. First step is photo transfer. Once it's fully dry, I'll add the wood burning part. We'll be selling these customized as a fundraiser soon! This one is one of our class of 2020. 
Board member Robert Kirkpatrick, II had been here all week with his girlfriend, Chelsea. It's been delightful having the extra hands around. 


Recording studio was delivered Waiting to get electric out to it.  Class of 2021 is over. Fundraising now to start t...