Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Sunflower Harbor homeless outreach work program spotlight Jerrod

Sunflower Harbor homeless outreach 
Work program spotlight: Jerrod Moran
Jerrod had been amazing to have around! He organized most of the house room by room. He helped clean and organize the yard, including helping build a fence to contain our wayward rescue pups. He's helped with every project since he arrived. He's a self starter and assigns himself tasks as he sees things that need done. 

On his personal journey to independence since he got here, he has gotten ID, gotten a job, got his temporary CNA, and worked his bottom off. He's working on getting his CNA transferred from another state. 

From homeless and aimless to living with purpose in a few short months. We are so proud of him! He'll be graduating the program soon, but plans to stay around to help run Sunflower Harbor after graduation. We really look forward to it! 

He's personally responsible for taking guys off the streets to stable housing. He's excellent at all the networking that has to happen to coordinate care and housing for our homeless population. 

He goes with us on his rare days off from work to deliver food and supplies and check on our homeless folks. 

Our veterans love him. They only have positive things to say about him. "He's always ready to help and friendly. He's always dependable and a man of his word. He has a great sense of humor and is fun to hang out with." " Jerrod has a positive attitude and willingness to help. He's a really understanding person with a personality of caring." 

Jerrod working on the back bathroom

Jerrod works with our pups and helps with their care. They adore him! 
Want to help create great successes like this one? We're running several fundraisers right now! Go to our website at www.sunflowerharbor.org to donate! You can now donate through paypal, cashapp, ourregistry, or facebook! 

Choose how your donation is spent! 
-bunkhouse to more than double capacity
-veterans fund to help with anything our vets need
-Job search fund to help with clothes, ID, and such needed to secure jobs
-legal fund to help file for nonprofit status
-general fund for anything we need to keep running

Cash App: $Sunflowerharbor

Registry has a list of our needs 

Know someone who would benefit from one of our programs? Text Kristy 214.622.7222 or email kristy@sunflowerharbor.org our program is a lot of work for participants, but so worth it to grow and break the cycle of homelessness! 



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