Sunday, January 31, 2021

shenanigans at Sunflower Harbor January 31, 2021

Getting into our life patterns. We are a family of 7 now. We're currently have 2 disabled vets and 2 workers plus our coordinators Tony, Kristy, and Anton. 

Sunflower Harbor has been busy busy this month! Everyone is working hard to make Sunflower Harbor better than ever!

Running at capacity all month. We are rearranging to be able to increase capacity and still follow social distancing guidelines, including building walls to divide our dorm into 2 rooms. Just in time, too because another vet arrived this week! We lucked out and got someone who knows horticulture and many handyman skills! He will be a great asset to Sunflower Harbor! We look forward to seeing the changes he makes to the ranch!

Guys are meeting their personal goals like crazy!

Aaron is back in college! He's been working really hard to complete the courses online and make good grades all while helping where he can around the ranch.

Jarrod is working on getting his CNA transferred to Texas. Meantime, he's working to keep Sunflower Harbor running smoothly and doing a LOT to make the place better! He's cleaned and reorganized the kitchen, sitting room, both bathrooms, and is currently working on the dining room. 

Everyone helped rebuild the fence to keep our pups in. Rogue and Longhorn had been finding new escape routes every time we fixed one. This time, I think we've got them beat! They have half the yard space as before, but its still a large area to play in. The part of the yard we blocked the dogs from will be part of our garden this year. 

In the back bathroom, we installed a tub and showerhead. Then, we put up curtains, tiled the floor, replaced the toilet seat, and added a heater. We did it all with found and donated things. Its a nice room to relax in now. In the front bathroom, the shower curtain was replaced and the whole room was reorganized. Small changes that made a huge difference!

We're running several fundraisers right now! Go to our website at to donate! You can now donate through paypal, cashapp, ourregistry, or facebook! 

  1. bunkhouse to more than double capacity

  2. veterans fund to help with anything our vets need

  3. job search fund to help with clothes, ID, and such needed to secure jobs

  4. legal fund to help file for nonprofit status

  5. general fund for anything we need to keep running

We have  higher than normal case management hours per client. That's really where programs like ours make a difference. We can spend more time per person than some programs so we are able more to give the tools needed to stay stable once they are on their own two feet. We have time. There is no rush or time limits to get them gone so the next person can be served. Our only restriction is the lack of funds. 

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