Wednesday, August 26, 2020

This week in service August 26, 2020

 August has come to an end for Sunflower Harbor Homeless outreach. It has been a banner month! Most of our contacts this week were followups. Our teams continue to go above and beyond to help the homeless folks we serve. 

We've  given out 203 blessings packs in August alone!

We have helped in the placement of 13 individuals in housing this month! 

We are out of most supplies. Waiting for shipments for some things and funding for others. Several of our shipments have been delayed. If you would like to ship us supplies for blessings packs, please do! 

Things we're running low on:

Tote bags

Zip lock bags

hand sanitizer


travel toothbrush and toothpaste packs


granola bars


Cheese crackers

Roll on deodorant

sanitary wipes

bath wipes



rain Pancho

dry shampoo

nail sets


Canned goods

Individually wrapped spoons

None of what we do could be done without all our amazing volunteers! We grow as our network of amazing volunteers and patrons grows and we are so thankful for each and every one of you!

Most of our in house projects have been put on hold due to covid and funding issues, but our outreach is helping so many! I am using this downtime to rework the in-house program to better fit everyone's needs. 

Current fundraisers are earmarked for lunches and our first tiny home. 

Don't forget is running a fundraiser for us until the end of August! Advocate shirts, bags, and stickers now available!

Cash App: $Sunflowerharbor


2020 totals as of the end of July

22 Direct Placements
7 New Jobs Obtained!
1 Veteran Graduated!
5 Graduates From Homelessness To Stable Housing!
7 Temporary Residents
4 IDs Obtained For Individuals
2 Veterans Helped With Applying For Benefits
77 Backpacks Of Supplies Given Out

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